Winning films

Winning films of 2019


Tinnitus is remarkable for its topical theme pointing out the constantly increasing levels of acoustic smog in cities as well as the personal approach to the issue presented by the filmmakers. We also appreciate the use of film principles, editing and sound creating a powerful film experience.

Hope for Czechia

The jury decided to award this film for its innovative look behind the scenes of the crucial events of 2019 as well as its elaborate structure, editing and concept.

The Town of Records and Curiosities

The jury decided to award this film for the admirable amount of work on the project as well as the humorous treatment of current issues.


Winning films of 2018

See, Prague

The film captures one of the major issues of the capital city today: less and less affordable rental housing and the related depopulation of the city center. Following the story of a single mother, contrasted with instances of unregulated tourism, the film presents one of the mechanisms which turn Prague into a ghost town. The filmmaker asks the important question of what Prague we really want. Her work has the potential to make the viewers think about what we can do so we can still live in our capital city in the future.

A Few Words on Disobedience

Straddled between documentary film and a news report, the film follows civil activists from the We Are the Limits movement as they prepare and get into direct action. Activism is perceived as something negative by a part of our society and the filmmakers have managed to debunk this stereotype. Through the characters talking on screen in the natural environment of the Climate Camp, even those viewers who have never considered civil disobedience may realize that there are moments when it is necessary.

God without a House, a House without God

The film follows an institution helping homeless people. Besides the typical services we might associate with such a charitable organization, it also holds regular meetings with religious content. Besides capturing the ways in which hopeless people are helped there, the film also shows the very people who come for help, yet from a perspective that does not disparage them in any way.


winning films of 2017

Black Bridge

The jury awarded the documentary for its mature narrativity, ability to build the film’s point and primarily introduce a current social conflict without slandering any of the parties. The film is frank, authentic, and although it speaks about complex themes such as multiculturalism and xenophobia, it does not lack humour typical of Czech documentary films.

Another Perspective

The jury awarded the film for its original concept reflecting and developing the media image of the significant day in Czech history. The recorded observational footage and interviews with people are edited with a sense of rhythm and create a rich mosaic of daily moments of the national holiday.

Bearers of Life

Pavla Mudráková received a special mention of the jury primarily for her ability to accentuate a film drama in the reality around her.

The Forest

The second special mention went to Tereza Plavecká for her sense of lyricism and her ability to render her own perspective and voice in the film.


winning films of 2016


The film won due to its simple observational approach focusing on the protagonists as independent personalities sharing a strong friendship. At the same time, it is made without sentiment, in a distanced yet empathetic way. The film was nominated for Pavel Koutecký Award.


The jury appreciated the creative approach to a historically relevant theme. The documentary is a portrait of a single apartment, little and big Berlin, linking the director and its one-time occupant.


The film is exceptional for its formal originality supporting a local theme and creating tension between the subjective and the objective, between myth and reality.


winning films of 2015

Follow the Arrows

The filmmaker introduced an architectonic element alluding to the history of one house and to the remains of the Second World War in a very lively and attractive way. The film draws on the opinion of passers-by, however, its form surpasses the common survey method by far. It points out a detail revealing a number of great stories that can only be told by a certain generation of the occupants of the house. The theme of the film was the closest to the nature of the My Street Films competition.

The Place

The filmmaker looks at a seemingly ordinary place through the eyes of a foreigner in a very sensitive way, thus creating an essayistic portrait of one of Prague’s parks.


The film responds to the current theme of borders and identity. The jury pointed out the creative contribution of the filmmaker who made an effort to try out various methods – voice-over, re-enacted video art passages and animation.


winning films of 2014

Na Knížecí

A sophisticated portrait of a house and a street in an account of a long-term resident in which the director has managed to give a deeper insight into a particular place in an aesthetically attractive form and with a great sense of detail and has thus come the closest to the goal of My Street Films.

Za plakátem

The director deals with a social issue that citizens of any city can identify with. Besides telling the particular story of living behind windows covered by billboards, the film essay moves on to a general reflection on what is behind this phenomenon. We appreciate the effort to find a distinctive film language in a precise use of image and sound.

Zahrajte to znovu kluci!

A humorous rendering of the past and the present of a bar through a clash of two worlds.