We launch the 5th edition of film workshops and seminars with leading Czech documentary filmmakers

For the fifth time, My Street Films launches a series of spring workshops led by experienced documentary filmmakers Ivo Bystřičan and Viola Ježková. The workshops are designed for eight participants who submit the best short film concept. Besides the workshop program, we also hold open seminars for the general public presenting personalities of the documentary world.

Like in the past four years, we call on all emerging and advanced filmmakers to submit their concept for a short documentary film; after April 22, we will select eight of them to participate in the film workshops under the guidance of renowned documentarists Viola Ježková and Ivo Bystřičan for free. The participants will learn about the process of film development and production, from theme selection to editing consultations. The films created during workshops are eligible for the My Street Films Awards. The winning film will be screened at Ji.hlava Documentary Film Festival with its makers attending.

Besides workshops for selected participants, we also hold film seminars for the general public presented by leading personalities of the documentary world: Apolena Rychlíková, director of Czech Journal: The Limits of Work (2017), Lukáš Kokeš, co-author of Nothing Like Before (2017), and Jakub Hejna, co-author of Doomed Beauty (2016) and editor of Cervena (2017) which won the Czech Lion Award for best documentary film this year.