UK, UA, yay! We’re showing films from the UK and Ukraine

A map only makes sense if it’s global so we’re adding more international films to ours – this time from the United Kingdom and Ukraine. If you’re wondering whether to go east or west on your holiday, join us on a film trip across Europe.

When building our virtual bridge between east and west, we have been aided among others by the film Bridge, winner of last year’s edition of My Street Films Ukraine. Even a concrete monster like a bridge can be a living organism, experiencing the change of seasons, walks of amorous couples and the pain of torn artists along with the local citizens. The Ukrainian version of the project is run by the organizers of the International Festival of Film and Urbanism 86 held in Slavutych near Chernobyl whose activities refer to the nuclear disaster from 1986.

The British films portray London’s streets in a way that is only familiar to the locals and the organizers of Open City Documentary Festival where the concept of My Street Films was born. For instance, you can go shopping on East Street where you can get anything from seafood through fresh vegetables to T-Shirts and curtains. The stallholders, just like anyone else, face constant changes, whether they be new habits of customers or bureaucratic obstacles. To those who are still getting used to the return of stalls to the streets, the film provides an interesting look into a place that has belonged to small traders for more than two centuries. The short film The Canal shouldn’t be missed by anyone who has ever dreamt about living on a house boat; at least for a few days when the cold is rising above the water and cooling the sultry city air. The dynamic film Out With the Old shows how old things can still serve you if you give them a second chance; for instance by building a living room under the open sky where you can serve tea and cake to the passers-by straight from the sofa. Have you happened to find a fan on the street recently?

Next time when you travel with your finger on the map, don’t forget to look round the corner and see how far the boundaries of My Street Films go.