See, Ji.hlava!

Each year, we present the winning films of My Street Films Awards at Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival. If you’re spending your fall holiday in Jihlava, don’t miss the screenings with the My Street Films label.

1st Place – See, Prague! / Barbora Šimková

Sunday, Oct 28, 2018, 10:30 pm / Horácké Theater – Main Stage

A personal documentary about the (im)possibility of living in the center of Prague. The author and her five-year-old son received an eviction order asking them to leave the one-room apartment where her grandfather had lived for almost thirty years. The film illustrates the impact of mass tourism and the housing policy of the municipal authority on the lives of Prague’s citizens.

2nd Place – A Few Words on Disobedience / Míša Weingartová, Tereza Langrová

Monday, Oct 29, 2018, 11:30 pm / Horácké Theater – Main Stage

In the Czech Republic, where democracy is on the decline and a populist movement rules, climate change seems to take the back seat. The environmental initiative We Are the Limits brings it to attention by civil disobedience with participants deliberately breaking the law. Disobedience, which traditionally bears a negative connotation, is a path towards emancipation and change.

3rd Place – Homeless God, Godless Home / Sára Englišová, Kateřina Tisová

Sunday, Oct 28, 2018, 8 pm / Horácké Theater – Main Stage

A few steps from the Central Train Station, under the highway, the Naděje (Hope) social center helps the homeless. For twenty five years, priest Petr Ševčík has held a weekly church service there. He calls himself a missionary sent by God to spread faith among people approached by society with a combination of empathy and disdain.

The festival further features the winning film of our partner project My Street Films Ukraine hosted by 86 Festival of Film and Urbanism.

Diorama / Zoia Laktionova

Sunday, Oct 28, 2018, 6 pm / Dukla Cinema – Edison

The melancholy film tells the story of an abandoned Ukrainian beach which is now mined and deadly dangerous to anyone due to explosives hidden under the water. The images of the post-apocalyptic landscape are accompanied by a voice-over with personal memories of local citizens as well as professional viewpoints.