A personal documentary about xenophobia wins fourth edition of My Street Films

My Street Films knows this year’s winner. The first place goes to high school student Širín Nafariehová for her personal documentary capturing the encounter of Širín and her schoolmates, who come from various corners of the world, and Lukáš, who they met at an anti-immigrant demonstration. The director received the main award at the closing ceremony of Film and Architecture festival on October 4, 2017.

The documentary Black Bridge by Širín Nafariehová, the winner of this year’s My Street Films competition, was selected at the concept competition in April 2017 and made during the first edition of the MSF documentary workshop.  The main tutor was director Ivo Bystřičan. The jury, comprising actress and director Petra Nesvačilová, founder of Humans of Prague Tomáš Princ and head of My Street Films Diana Tabakov, awarded the documentary for its mature narrativity, ability to build the film’s point and primarily introduce a current social conflict without slandering any of the parties. The film is frank, authentic, and although it speaks about complex themes such as multiculturalism and xenophobia, it does not lack humour typical of Czech documentary films.

The second place goes to the compilation documentary Another Perspective by a collective of authors (Barbora Hlaváčková, Kateřina Kaclíková and Tadeáš Polák) about November 17 seen from a perspective that is different from the one of television reports. The film was made during a workshop focused on engaged documentary at the Klinika Autonomous Social Centre in Prague’s Žižkov. The jury awarded the film for its original concept reflecting and developing the media image of the significant day in Czech history. The recorded observational footage and interviews with people are edited with a sense of rhythm and create a rich mosaic of daily moments of the national holiday.

The jury also awarded two special mentions. The first one goes to Pavla Mudráková for her documentary Bearers of Life looking at a breeders‘ exchange  from a different perspective. In the context of the discussion about animal rights, information about breeders to whom their rabbits, hens and pigeons mean everything and who give them all their love and care often gets lost.  The second special mention goes to Tereza Plavecká for her lyrical reflection The Forest about Čimický háj and the irretrievability of childhood. Both films were developed during the My Street Films concept workshop under the guidance of documentary filmmakers Ivo Bystřičan and Viola Ježková.

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