15 July

My Street Films Presents Regular Film Workshops!

Would you like to make your competition film but are not sure how to treat it, need consulting, advice, inspiration...? This is exactly what you can get, for free and without having to register, at our regular My Street Film workshops held on the last Sunday of each month at the Containall at Prague 1.

08 July

Free Music for Your My Street Film!

In collaboration with, My Street Films gives you a unique chance to enter an extensive music database and use licensed music for your competition film for free.

24 June

Subject Competition Knows Its Finalists!

Quite a few subjects suggesting the documentary depiction of the environment of their authors have been submitted after the first call of My Street Films. More or less common experiences and places have gained their text form; the selected participants can look forward to the professional help with their visual treatment!

13 June

Prague 7 Pinned to My Street Films Map

Another documentary film made by a renowned director has been pinned to the My Street Films map; Decent House by Ivo Bystřičan set in Prague 7.

06 June

Interview with Petr Hátle about My Street Films project and trailer

A short interview with Petr Hátle, maker of My Street Films trailer. My Street Films – Your Street – Your Film. Make it! Fragments of three stories from Prague to inspire you.

23 May

First Contributions to the Film Map

The Czech version of My Street Films enriches the British concept with a new unique element consisting in the patronage and active participation of 5 local leading documentary filmmakers who will gradually add their creative films to the project‘s film map. Documentarist Bohdan Bláhovec is first with his film My Home capturing one afternoon in Prague’s Dejvice quarter. He has described the film as “an encounter of innocence and inebriation on a few square metres”.

23 May

Inspiration from the UK

My Street Films was founded three years ago in the UK and has become very popular with the general public whose members participate in the project both as viewers and by making their own competition films. As a result, the organizers of the original model can already enjoy the richly documented film map.

23 May

Subject Competition

Do you have an idea for a film about your place but are not sure if you can treat it? My Street Films opens up the first possibility to join the project and help create a film map of short documentary stories. More specifically, it starts a subject competition; subjects up to 300 words can be sent by June 8, 2014 to The authors of selected subjects will have a chance to film their subject with the support of professionals.

23 May

My Street Films

The unique My Street Films project is headed for the Czech Republic! Make your own short documentary about your street and leave your mark on the original film map of Prague. Show the place where you live to others both at home and outside the Czech Republic and give your city a new film face!