Documentarist Bára Chalupová made a film about the affordability of urban housing

Our film map features the new short film m2 by documentarist Bára Chalupová addressing the current issue of affordable housing in cities.

Bára Chalupová‘s new film m2 deals with the current issue of urban housing which will also be the theme of her upcoming feature-length documentary. This year, the director successfully launched her film A Theory of Equality (2017) in the Czech Journal series. Her previous film Arms Ready (2016) was premiered in the competition section at Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival and was nominated for Pavel Koutecký Award. During her research, Barbora Chalupová dedicates herself fully to the chosen topics; in her previous projects, she didn’t eat for three weeks, planted trees, printed a weapon and had her gall bladder surgically removed. At a time when many people watch the prices on the real estate market soar with disbelief, the director applied for a mortgage and illustrated her dreams of owning a home by images of current housing development in Prague.

Watch the film and submit your film concept by April 22!