Czech republic

One of the aims of the My Street Films activities for the public is to create a hub and meeting space for emerging filmmakers and film enthusiasts who would like to broaden their knowledge of film language and its various and ever-changing film genres.

Every year, we invite film aficionados to OPEN LECTURES with renowned filmmakers, producers and editors who reveal various parts of the filmmaking processes either on their own films or on the work of other award-winning filmmakers who made a significant mark in the history of film. In the past years, these lectures were held for example by: Vít Klusák and Martin Dušek – documentary filmmakers and producers, Bára Kopecká – film director and editor, Martin Ryšavý – head of the Department of Screenwriting and Script Editing at FAMU, Martin Blažíček – experimental film director and lecturer at CAS, FAMU, Jan Gogola Jr. – filmmaker, dramaturgist and lecturer, and Petr Marek – filmmaker, lecturer and musician.

For those who not only like to watch films but are also starting to make their own work and looking for professional support and advice, we offer free participation in two- or three-day FILM WORKSHOPS led by experienced tutors-directors from Prague’s FAMU. The result of these workshops is a short film which the participants make together – from film concept to rough cut. The films are available for free on our website These workshops are held throughout the year in various cities across the country and we usually organize them in cooperation with film festivals and local film organizations.

To offer an even more intensive filmmaking course, each year we are looking for the best film concepts through an open call. Eight winning authors of the best film ideas are then working together in an intensive 4-MONTH WORKSHOP under the supervision of Czech documentary filmmakers. The participants also have free access to watch films at – an international VOD platform for documentary films, free admission to open My Street Films lectures and can attend free dramaturgy and editing consultations.

The filmmakers can also submit their films directly to the online film map and join a FILM COMPETITION for the best short film, chosen annually by a jury. Three best films are screened at Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival and other screenings taking place in all of Europe. The filmmakers also receive film awards including a GoPro camera set from Europe Media Nest.