02 Duben

Make a documentary about an issue that burns you

Anyone willing to bring up interesting themes from their surroundings can apply for the My Street Films workshops with their film concept by April 25, 2019. Leading Czech documentary filmmakers will guide selected participants through the filmmaking process and help them create their own film. Besides Prague, the workshops will also be held in Brno and Ústí nad Labem this year.

22 Říjen

See, Ji.hlava!

Each year, we present the winning films of My Street Films Awards at Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival. If you’re spending your fall holiday in Jihlava, don’t miss the screenings with the My Street Films label.

01 Říjen

Prague – A Ghost Town? Winning film criticizes housing policy

We know the best My Street Film of 2018! The jury, comprised of Hanka Třeštíková, Saša Uhlová and Diana Tabakov, chose Barbora Šimková’s See, Prague! – a self-portrait of a single mother fighting for her right for decent housing.

24 Červenec

The summer film program is here

On July 26, we launch our summer screenings at Pragovka; throughout the summer, the venue will host our Thursday evening programs featuring short films made by FAMU students and My Street Films participants including Q&As with the filmmakers.

12 Duben

Documentarist Bára Chalupová made a film about the affordability of urban housing

Our film map features the new short film m2 by documentarist Bára Chalupová addressing the current issue of affordable housing in cities.

19 Březen

We launch the 5th edition of film workshops and seminars with leading Czech documentary filmmakers

For the fifth time, My Street Films launches a series of spring workshops led by experienced documentary filmmakers Ivo Bystřičan and Viola Ježková.

15 Září

Humans of My Street Films: Czech Edition

“Find your way to film,” says the motto of this year’s Czech competition. How did our authors, whether they were film professionals or amateur filmmakers, find their way to film?

30 Červen

Štítová Street Is Best Slovak My Street Film 2017

The jury comprised of Peter Gašparík (screenwriter, co-organizer of the 4 Elements festival), Peter Konečný (critic, and Nina Šilanová (programmer of Tabačka Cinema and Pocity Cinema)

30 Květen

UK, UA, yay! We’re showing films from the UK and Ukraine

A map only makes sense if it’s global so we’re adding more international films to ours – this time from the United Kingdom and Ukraine. If you’re wondering whether to go east or west on your holiday, join us on a film trip across Europe.